About Us


KhudKaar is a social enterprise working to create employment opportunities for unemployed and lift them up from scratch. It is committed to get them access to market and help them in setting their businesses. It is specifically designed to help unemployed women and the hostelite students. Its aim is to enable women to sell their home-made products such as hygienic food, beautiful art work and amazing handicrafts, and to allow students to get all these products at affordable prices.

Khud Kaar servers its customers and users as follows:
• Saves time for students as they do not need to go out and visit different shops or different markets to get the products they need.
• Provides products at cheaper rates than market.
• Provides hygienic, fresh and hot food in an era where you don’t get it easily.
• Cash on delivery makes sure that you are not being scammed and you get the right product (the one which you ordered).
• The training video lectures allow a lot of jobless people to get hand on new skills.
• Success stories are here to motivate you to do new things or the current things in a better way.
• Provides a safe and secure platform to women to sell their products and earn a reasonable amount.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Wardah Noor
Founder & CEO

Aleena Anwer
Marketing Manager

Ayesha Mirza
Web Developer

Zainab Azhar
Content Creator

Sarim Mushtaq
Marketing Associate

Maroof Taj
Media Head

PR Head