About Us

KhudKaar is a social enterprise committed to eradicating poverty from Pakistan through capacity building.

In Pakistan, about 24.3% of people are living below the poverty line. This demonstrates that these people are earning less than $1 a day. They are unable to fulfill their basic needs; food, shelter, and clothes to cover their bodies.

At KhudKaar, we believe in human potential. According to us,  a small financial injection and access to the right resources can help a person break the cycle of poverty. We make sure to provide these two things to our incubates. Following are the initiatives under KhudKaar:

KhudKaar House
It is a community center in which people can enroll to learn different skills. We have divided the center into three main categories; a library, a stitching center, and a computer lab. We will have a detailed view of the activities and progress in our center.

The library is designed to facilitate the students of the local area. The library contains different sorts of books. It has test preparation books for attempting SAT, MDCAT, ECAT, IELTS, and multiple other tests which are necessary to get admitted into different universities. Those students who strongly wish to attempt any of these tests but unable to afford books are most welcome to have these books for their preparation. Besides the academic world, there is a vast world of literature both English and Urdu. People who love to read books can avail themselves of the opportunity and have these books. There are many case studies, success stories to motivate the students, and scientific knowledge to let them know about the advancements in the world of technology.
Stitching Station:
Women are holding half of the sky in every field. But the women in local societies are compelled to stay home. KhudKaar reaches out to them. They are very skillful but not appreciated. In our center, we have a stitching station in which many women are learning stitching and designing. These women can earn from home by adopting this as a profession
Computer lab:
The place where we are shaping our youth for a better future. We have 10 computers and PCs & a high-speed internet connection. All these resources are available for free to the local community. We have a list of different courses they can learn easily; social media management, virtual assistance, social media marketing, content writing, digital marketing, amazon affiliate programs, and multiple others. Students are most welcome to pick any of the courses they are interested in. 
The K Store
Another big project by KhudKaar that would surely draw your attention; The K Store. Well, what’s coming to your mind on hearing the word store is right. The K store is an online store where you can buy different items including dresses, shoes, and accessories. You will be surprised to know that these things are designed by the women of our center.