About Us


KhudKaar is a non-profit, social enterprise striving to create employment opportunities for unemployed. Khudkaar is committed to pave the way for people to market and helping them in establishing their own businesses. Its goal is to uplift the downtrodden sections of society without looking for any self interest.

The main goal is to eradicate poverty by engaging local manufacturers and enabling them to reach wider markets. Our aim is to help unemployed women by enabling them to sell their home-made products such as food, art work and handicrafts in big markets.

Currently, we are operating in two different sectors:
1. Showcasing and Marketing products of local manufacturers.
2. Starting different projects in villages to provide people the necessary skills and employment opportunities.

  • Khudkaar will serve its customers by providing good quality products with reasonable prices.
  • Providing a safe working environment for women is our main priority.
  • We are looking for skilled people in the backward areas in order to help them in utilizing their skills and to escape the trap of poverty.
  • Also, Khudkaar will arrange training sessions for the willing ones to make them able to adapt to the market.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Wardah Noor
Founder & CEO

Aleena Anwer
Marketing Manager

Ayesha Mirza
Web Developer

Zainab Azhar
Content Creator

Sarim Mushtaq
Marketing Associate

Maroof Taj
Media Head

PR Head