KhudKaar Cultural Activities​

We conduct refreshing arts and cultural activities for our community which help them think out-of-the-box, bond better and develop tolerance and acceptance for each other.

Lit’Tech Layyah 2021

In 2021, KhudKaar and Daastan hosted South Punjab’s biggest creative festival in collaboration with DEMO and the British Council. The festival included a series of online and offline discussions, a writing competition and a cultural event which centered performances by local artists. 

Book Clubs

Regular book club meet-ups at KhudKaar House promotes reading culture in youth, improves vocabulary and develops their critical thinking skills.

Empathy Workshops

Bob Ross said all you to paint is a few tools, a few instructions and a vision to bring to life on the page. 

Through our regular painting activity for younger kids growing up in an increasingly polarized world, we hope to emphasize themes of empathy, tolerance, hope and love.

Movie Screenings

Our monthly movie screenings are a way to bring the KhudKaar community together for an activity that is not only recreational but educational as well. 

We have a carefully curated list of movies which address societal issues, aimed at starting a conversation and driving home a positive message about the future in the process.