Story of KhudKaar

The lockdown of Covid-19 made the extreme inequalities of our world – very visible.
It was when Wardah Noor – Founder of KhudKaar, decided to do something about it. Having been through poverty herself, she wanted to change things for other kids in her community. 
After brainstorming and speaking to 100s of people for six months, she decided that a community center is the possible solution for all the problems that her community is facing right now.

In November 2019, Wardah posted on her socials and asked her friends & supporters for help to bring her idea to realization. Within next two and half months, more than 20 lacs was raised for construction and purchase of equipment.
Wardah’s parents donated half of their home which is now being used as a community center. To this date, KhudKaar has reached to more than 10,000 families through our different relief programs.

We have seen a decline in community spaces in Pakistan. KhudKaar is trying to revive the community spirit and bring back the idea of having small yet accessible community centers in the low income areas.
A community center not only trains and guides people for the right opportunities; it also provides them a safe space to express themselves and brainstorm solutions for their problems.
KhudKaar aims to be that safe space and alleviate poverty from Layyah by 2030!

How You Can Help KhudKaar?

The platform is funded by local and foreign Pakistanis. You can make a difference in the lives of this marginalized community by pledging a small monthly donation or helping us buy assets to upgrade our computer labs.