Lit'Tech Layyah

South Punjab’s Biggest Creative Festival Featuring local artists, artisans and craft.

Brought to you by KhudKaar and Daastan,
in collaboration with DEMO and
DICE Creative Hubs Program by British Council

A Glimpse of KhudKaar House

Our Story

Wardah Noor, Founder KhudKaar Layyah
Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan

Layyah has been one of most neglected cities of South Punjab where talented people are unable to earn a decent living. Lack of awareness, access to opportunities and absence of digital infrastructure has further worsened the situation.

Daastan has teamed up with KhudKaar House – Layyah’s first community center to launch incubation programs to teach modern digital skills of creative industry to local youth and provide them with hi-tech digital devices and hi-speed internet so they can unlock global opportunities.

We have developed Layyah 2.0 Charter to engage the local government and academia to work for a common vision; to uplift Layyah out of poverty by 2030. Lit’Tech Layyah is the first step to gather everyone and communicate our vision to transform Layyah as the Creative Capital of South!

Layyah 2.0 Charter

Event Timeline

8th March: Unsung Heroes of Layyah

Speakers: Wardah Noor, Founder KhudKaar; Raheela Maryam, Political Worker; Misbah Shafi, LUMS

10th March: Envisioning Layyah 2.0

Speakers: Wardah Noor, Founder KhudKaar; Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan

11th March: Sustainable Fashion

Speakers: Pamela Meiji, Founder Phinix; Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan

12th March: Career Growth Opportunities

Speakers: Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan; Idrees Qureshi, Founder Opportunities Circle

12th March: Artists of South Punjab

Speakers: Wardah Noor, Founder KhudKaar; Zeeshan Manzoor, Poet; and Sultan Manzoor, Singer

13th March: Using LinkedIN Like a Pro

Speakers: Karishma Zakaullah, Founder Unidesk; Anahita Hossieni; MOVER Iran

14th March: Photography for Instagrammers

Speakers: Ms. Samin Alam, Marketing Manager Daastan

15th March: Professional Networking Ethics

Speakers: Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan; Dinh-Long Pham, Founder Life Line Podcast

16th March: The Stories of South Punjab

Speakers: Ali Sheikh and Sijdah Hussain, Published Author; Samin Alam, Marketing Manager Daastan

17th March: Building Scalable Social Enterprises

Speakers: Alina Alam, Founder Mitti Cafe; Syed Ommer Amer, Founder Daastan

25th March: Empowering Women Through Social Activism

Speakers: Wardah Noor, Founder KhudKaar; Huda Bhurgri, President Women Democratic Front

Lit’Tech | Creative Festival

Creative Festival

A two day creative festival featuring hands-on workshops on modern digital skills by the local experts.

Capacity Building Sessions

Masterclass on Social Entrepreneurship by Syed Ommer Amer

Masterclass on Digital Illustrations by Anum Ameer

Masterclass on Creative Writing by Narmeen Surahio and Faryal Zahra

Masterclass on Fashion Design

Cultural Exhibition

A special one day exhibition for the local artisans to showcase their products.

Spoken Word Fest

A night to celebrate local arts and artists of South Punjab.

Lit’Think | Writing Challenge

A unique opportunity for the local content creators to come forward and contribute local stories in local languages. Daastan will collect the best stories and publish them in the form of an ebook on Qissa – Pakistan’s premier book publishing platform.

Lit’Talk Shows


Lit’Tech Festival

A six hour long creative festival where the legends of South Punjab performed their best work in local language. With a 250+ gender balanced audience featuring two dozen Saraiki artists was indeed South Punjab’s biggest creative festival!

Performance Videos

Profile Shoots

Do you want to collaborate, participate or contribute in our vision of eliminating poverty from Layyah by 2030?

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