Our Team

The K-Team

It is hard to balance being a dreamer with the deliverance of practical solutions…Wardah manages to do it every day!

Wardah Noor is a student of law, a social activist and a community organizer whose key laurels in the past 5 years are:

  • Counselling 8000+ students on personal and professional development
  • Educating 1000+ students on the importance of consent and bodily autonomy to protect against harassment
  • Setting up Future Pakistan Team, a non-profit student organization focused on creating awareness about gender and class injustice and delivering solutions to balance the scales a bit
  • Founder of KhudKaar, a passion project which stems from her own experiences

Wardah Noor

Founder and Executive Director

Management Team

Asifa Hafeez

Head of Community Center
Asifa manages the day-to-day operations of KhudKaar Community Center. This includes leading ration drives as well as organizing cultural activities - she wears many hats!

Sania Ijaz

Program Coordinator for KhudKaar Fellowship
A 22-year-old dynamic leader from Layyah, Sana manages the Digital Literacy wing of KhudKaar’s fellowship program while being a student of web development herself.

Noor Ud Din

Program Coordinator for KhudKaar Fellowship
An individual of diverse interests, Noor handles the marketing side of things for our Fellowship while also assisting with the overall execution of the program. He is a student of BS Agriculture.

Danish Khan

Curriculum Designer for KhudKaar Fellowship
With over 5 years of experience in the education sector, Danish designs curriculums for students with a passion to learn advanced digital skills regardless of prior background. He comes to KhudKaar Fellowship with a prolific profile of training students from under-served communities. Our fellows are in capable hands!

Ommer Amer

Head of Placement and Professional Development
An award-winning social entrepreneur, Ommer brings an extensive network of mentors and job opportunities to KhudKaar trainees. He enables our students to kickstart their professional careers.

Kishwar Sultana

Lead Stitching Unit
With over 10 years of experience working with organisations like TEVTA, Kishwar is the backbone of our stitching unit at KhudKaar House and helps deliver products for the K-Store.

Amber Simi

Supervisor Stitching Unit
Amber handles the orders of our e-commerce store. Under her impeccable supervision, the K-Store has amassed a business of 0.5 million rupees.

Noor Muhammad

Accounts Manager
Another pride of KhudKaar, Noor is a graduate of our digital literacy program who now manages KhudKaar’s accounts, finances and record-keeping.

Anam Amer

Lead Graphic Designer
LOREM IPSUM It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Malik Abu Huraira

Tech Lead
Malik Huraira is the pride of KhudKaar. He is a former student who has built a career in web development and currently provides tech support to KhudKaar website and Fellowship LMS.