Our Partners


Daastan has helped us upgrade our computer lab and has provided mentorship to our incubates regarding entrepreneurship and digital skills. Daastan’s founder, Ommer, is one of our mentors and helps with the operations of the community center as well.

Azaad Pakistan

Azaad Pakistan is run by Ghalib Khail and is our first partner organisation which has provided support throughout the construction of the community center. They are our major donor organisation which has helped us to sustain uptil now.


KhudKafeel Pakistan has partnered with us for the stitching center and are helping us increase our operational capacity. They plan to donate 8 machines so more women can be enrolled for the stitching program.

Aas e Kausar

Run by Ahad, Aas e Kausar provides sewing machines for the widows and orphan women. Their continued support for our stitching center has helped us empower a number of women to start their own businesses.


Dawaai is Pakistan’s largest e-healthcare platform, and believes that it is their duty to strive to provide quality and affordable healthcare for all. In pursuit of this goal, Dawaai signed a MoU with KhudKaar House to provide affordable healthcare solutions to its incubates.

Serene Organics

Serene has partnered with us to help train a cohort of women in a stitching course of two months and making them self-sufficient. This collaboration has not only allowed these women to leave their low income jobs but has helped up-skill them in a way that brings them closer to financial independence and self sufficiency.


A student society working on the issue of gender inequality in society, FemSoc has helped raise funds for the women incubates at KhudKaar and been a long-standing friend to our organisation throughout.

Hum Aahang

A student society geared towards nurturing diversity and tolerance, Hum Aahang has been a dependable collaborator for KhudKaar’s cultural activities which includes organizing a session on art as resistance with khwaja sira activist, Mehrub Moiz Awan.

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