To empower is to free!

To empower is to free!

Opportunities, Employment and Empowerment!

It is a story of a remote village of Charsadda, KPK. The year is 2012. The natives income source is mainly Agriculture. As per Pushtun society, men work and feed the family. Women stay at home. The locals lives a normal but a financially constraint life. There are houses without male, so they live a life burdened with hardships. The people lack resources and opportunities. There is a school for girls but they get married without working or opting a career joining the big army of unpaid workers. One thing is the people lack resources and opportunities but once they have it, they have the potential to change their lives.

Living in a state of baffled economy, people are weary of it. In this period of Turmoil there come the good news that the Ummah foundation is starting a technical center in the area. It was exciting. They named the center, Hunarmand Pakistan. The center will teach the women skills free of cost and will facilitate them to sell their work in market. Many women from the area joined the courses. The courses taught were about fashion, tailoring, and antiques designing. The organization provided the people with all the equipment. People came and learned. The project was for six months.

Amid the six months alot of women joined the courses. They learned different skills and then started working to earn. Many women learned tailoring and then started to work from their homes. There are stories of numerous households( who turned this opportunity in to success) but I will try to keep it short. The people seized the opportunity and turned it into a game changer plan. The project went successful also that women after the skills worked from home, which eclipse the fear of harassment. What this empowerment did was that it outshined the skills hidden in women, it blessed them with the sense that they can also earn and set them free from financial distress.

The reason to write this story is to highlight the issue that how opportunities lead to employment and in turn an empowered society. We have alot of talent in our society that goes unnoticed and ultimately wasted. The main issue is the lack of access to opportunities. Once this gap will be bridged the result will be amazing. We are living in a state where the financial empowerment is crucial is to live a good life. Now, as we have to live here so the need is to deal with it. This can be done by empowering people. This can be done by providing opportunities..

Khudkaar is also working on the same model. It is committed to open centres in financially depressed areas. It will be in different phases. Now Khudkaar is establishing a center in Layyah, Punjab, this will also be extended to different areas. The center will teach different skills and also to be a medium for the people to sell their products in market.

Empowerment is a way to overcome things that are mean to destroy us.

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